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The Pit Wednesday: Triple Cream Cookie Night

TRE LAG med deilig søt, men syrlig lydkrem serveres til dere: performance med Stina Fors, et knippe av Norges beste slampoeter og DJ Roc Reodor


  • Wednesday 5. June 2024
    20:30 / Friteatret ,The PitBuy

By and with

Stina Fors/foto Leontien Alleemersch

Marija Bliznac/foto Andrew Keeping

Patrick Raugstad/foto Martine Johansen

Ida Helene Benonisen/foto Marie Sjøvold

Ria The Revolution Rider/foto Garav Maudan

Martin Reidarsen Tveit/foto privat

Om forestillingen

ca. 2 t
240,- 180,-

THREE LAYERS of deliciously sweet yet sour sound cream are served to you: 
The first layer consists of none other than Stina Fors! 
Stina Fors is a self-taught drummer, extreme vocalist, choreographer and ventriloquist! At the Pit we will see both A Mouthful of Tongues and Stina Force, in addition to the workshop Guttural voices (see Scene:Bluss for more info) 
A Mouthful of Tongues 
We meet a hostess in cowboy boots and a suit. Her goal: to gather the audience for a good time. A Mouthful of Tongues is a magical and absurd performance where the voice seems detached from the body. Through ventriloquism, growling and dinosaur screams, we get to experience creatures no one has seen before and hear languages ​​no one has spoken before. By and with: Stina Fors 
About 40 min 
The second layer is whipped together by our own house poet Marija Bliznac, when she dishes up for a SLAM! Poetry evening with the Norwegian slam champion Patrick Raugstad, Sámi slam poet Ida Helene Benonisen and drag artist and slam poet Ria the Revolution Rider! 
The last layer is mixed by Roc Reodor, the beatmaster from Skien. With a twist on classic hip hop masterpieces, he gives you a powerful, but at the same time soft and slow thank you for the evening. 
Can you feel the taste in your mouth already? We can.