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Mine Nilay yalcin : Ivar’s pub

«In 1998 when I was 14 years old, my dad, Mustafa Ümit Yalcin, bought a very special place. Ivar’s Inn. In the middle of Greenland. Wall to wall with the legendary Olympus. The two pubs were like an old married couple; they held each other’s hands and straightened each other’s clothes.»


  • Thursday 8. June 2023
    18:00 / Karjolen pub,Sold out
  • Friday 9. June 2023
    18:00 / Karjolen pub,Sold out

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Idé og utøver Mine Nilay Yalcin
RegiCici Henriksen
ProdusentAnja Kjærnli
Lysdesign og ScenografiAgnethe Tellefsen
Lys/Scenografi assShiva Sherveh
LyddesignTruls Hannemyr
KostymeMadeleine F. Røseth
Produsert av Mine Nilay Produksjoner Støttet av Norsk Kulturråd. Fond For lyd og bilde. Fritt Ord. Dramatikkens hus. SPKRBOX. Nordic Black Theatre.

Om forestillingen

1t 30m

Almost everyone has been there. Almost everyone has danced there. Almost everyone has heard a singer they love, but not everyone says it out loud.

Almost everyone has gone there when they have started to get excessively drunk and the place then becomes a fun place to visit. But otherwise, many have been happy to pass by on the right.

But not me. I have spent countless hours at Ivars Kro. Waiting for dad as a teenager. As a bartender as an adult. In 2018, Ivars Kro was closed and I am convinced that Greenland and Oslo became a slightly poorer place.

This is the story of what happened. About a Turkish man who found a completely unlikely home: a dance band tavern in Greenland in Oslo. Far away from the origin. A tribute to brown pubs, the people in them and the unifying effect they can have for many”.

Many thanks to Mustafa Ümit Yalcin for his efforts, time, stories and interviews. To Aase Reidun Sveen for interviews and photos. To everyone who ever worked, danced, drank, argued or looked out of the window from Ivars Kro. And to all the bartenders who painstakingly did their work at the pub – friends, acquaintances and family. To everyone who made this story possible.