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Machine de Cirque (can)

Are you ready for equilibrist acrobatics, strong emotions, body poetry and a good dose of humor?

Welcome to Machine de Cirque!


  • Tuesday 14. June 2022
    18:30 / ,Ælvespeilet, Sal 1Buy
  • Wednesday 15. June 2022
    18:30 / ,Ælvespeilet, Sal 1Buy
  • Thursday 16. June 2022
    18:30 / ,Ælvespeilet, Sal 1Buy

By and with

Machine de CirqueRegissør, medforfatter og original idé: Vincent Dubé
Medforfattere, medregissører: Yohann Trépanier, Raphaël Dubé, Maxim Laurin, Ugo Dario & Frédéric Lebrasseur
Musikk: Frédéric Lebrasseur
Artister: Philippe Dupuis, Samuel Henry Hollis, Guillaume Larouche, Thibault Macé, Laurent Racicot, Frédéric Lebrasseur
Musiker: Frederic Lebrasseur
Kunstneriske rådgivere: Patrick Ouellet, Harold Rhéaume og Martin Genest
Scenografirådgivere: Josée Bergeron-Proulx, Julie Lévesque og Amélie Trépanier
Kostymedesigner: Sébastien Dionne
Lysdesigner: Bruno Matte
Lyddesigner: René Talbot
Mekanisk ingeniør: David St-Onge
Teknisk sjef: Patrice Guertin

Om forestillingen

1t 30m
Ord: 390,-U25: 293,-B fra 6 år/U/V

Are you ready for neck breaking acrobatics, strong emotions, poetry, and a good dose of humor?

Here you go!

Canadian Machine de Cirque is based in Québec and has since the start in 2014 toured all over the world and made a solid mark on the vast circus sky. The award-winning ensemble is loved by both critics and audiences around the world for their performances, where they mix contemporary circus, music, and theater.

The performance, Machine De Cirque, was the one they conquered the world with. It has so far been played for more than 300,000 people in Europe, Asia and the United States. It offers the best of the best. Humor, charm, poetry, juggling, music, crazy acrobatics – and beach towels!

The guys at Machine de Cirque take you to places you have not been before, but where you would like to stay. They touch your heart and make the head spin.


“Rarely is there an ensemble that can so stunningly give a nod to tradition before blowing it off for something more inventive.” – New Haven Independant (USA)

“A succession of clever gags set against stunning acrobatics.” – M6 Téléjournal (France)

“The Canadian group impresses not only with its fantastic acrobatics, but also with its sophisticated juggling acts, humour and great choreography.”  – Meinbezirk (Austria)