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Grenland Friteater : Solvitur Ambulando

Solvitur Ambulando

Or: The art of putting one foot in front of the other


  • Friday 17. June 2022
    12:00 / ,Oppmøte: PP, indre gårdsromSold out
  • Saturday 18. June 2022
    12:00 / ,Oppmøte: PP, indre gårdsromSold out

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Grenland FriteaterProsjektansvarlige og vandreledere: Geddy Aniksdal og Lars Vik

Ellers medvirker Guttorm Guttormsen og Harald Dille

Om forestillingen

ca 2t 30m
240,-U25: 180,-U/V

Join a not-quite-ordinary hike in suburban nature. Along the way, the participants are invited to meditate in the pine grove, sudden artistic respite, walking story by the fire, slow walking and silence.

“I go to my best thoughts,” said Søren Kierkegaard.

Vik and Aniksdal ask what happens when we put one foot in front of the other. What is there to gain for those who are not primarily interested in exercise, but who still go hiking? Greek philosophers put it this way: “Solvitur ambulando” – it works out when you walk.

Maximum number of participants: 30 participants

Everyone gets a backpack with a packed lunch and seat pads before departure.
Remember clothes by weather!