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Family Day and Cobblestone Ball

Saturday June 10th we end PIT with an amazing Family Day and Cobblestone Ball and a full package. 12 hours of free entertainment for the whole family. You’re welcome!


  • Saturday 10. June 2023
    12 - 23.30 / Festivalgata 12-16 og 19-22,Brusteinsball 22.30Free

By and with

Studium Actoris and Adrian Schvarzstein (esp)
Dado (d)
The Maniac,
Streetwise Afrobatics (ken)
Teatro Residui,
Susu & Mumu n/dk)
Choir walk with 7 choirs
... and much more
Brusteinsball22:30 : Teatro Tascabile di Bergamo : Valse
23:30 : Hanto Fyrverkeri : PIT-fyrverkeri
... og nachspiel på Kafé K fra midnatt med Sallyswag!

Om forestillingen

This year we end PIT with the Brusteinsballet. When we sort of end with what is usually the beginning, it can quickly become a bit confusing. A bit like up is down and down is up. We turn it all upside down.


But don’t despair. It will be good.! We simply give you an amazing Family Day and Brusteinsball and a full package. 12 hours of free entertainment for the whole family. You’re welcome!

The city’s streets and squares are filled with street performances from early in the day, we have invited a number of food trucks to make food easily available, and of course the city’s many restaurants are there with everything you could want in terms of food and drink! At Rådhusplassen, Pincho Nation is also setting up a large outdoor restaurant in the heart of the dream.

In other words, during the day and early evening there are performances in Festivalgata – from Minneparken to Jernbanegata. The day ends at Rådhusplassen, where we offer the Italian Teatro Tascabile di Bergamo and the breathtakingly beautiful performance Valse, before Hanto Fyrverkeri steps in with the festival closing in the form of a giant PIT firework display!

Or, wait a minute! We’re not quite done, because at Kafé K, the Swedish musical fireworks Sallyswag play around midnight. Then we can listen and dance and sway and snuggle into the night.

The day offers artists from far and wide, Studium Actoris and Adrian Schvarzstein, Dado, Jomfrulandet, The Maniac, Streetwise Afrobatics, Teatro Residui, Susu & Mumu, and more. Porsgrunn Music Council will repeat the success from last year with CHOIR TRANSFORMATION during PIT. 7 choirs are registered, so there will be something for everyone. This year’s walk leader and conference host is none other than Even H. Kaalstad. Indoors, children of all ages can enjoy Sagliocco Ensemble’s Bibliotek-Karen at the Library or Nina Ossavy’s Urd in the Town Hall’s theater hall. The slightly older ones can enjoy the Culture Debate at Café K, Oslo Nye Teater’s co-production with Grenland Friteater; Plan 9 from outer space at Friteatret, American Doble Edge Theater’s Leonora at Ælvespeilet, and finally dancing into the night with the girls in Sallyswag at Café K.

June 10

12-4 p.m.              Festivalgata

19-22.00              Festivalgata

22.30                    Teatro Tascabile di Bergamo (it): Valse

23.30 Hanto Fireworks: PIT-fireworks