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Danakil Safari : Live at Kafé K

Rejoice! Danakil Safari swings and grooves, and is rhythm-based so it lasts!


  • Saturday 18. June 2022
    21:30 / ,Kafé KBuy

By and with

Danakil SafariTobias Ørnes Andersen - trommer
Emil Brattested - saxofon og gitar
Andreas Rødland Haga - bass
Truls Hannemyr - keyboard og perkusjon
Jakob Eri Myhre – trompet

Om forestillingen

290,-U25: 218,-V

Danakil Safari is primarily associated with so-called Ethio jazz. This is instrumental music associated with the Ethiopian jazz musician Mulatu Astatke, who started making his own type of jazz in the 60’s; a unique fusion of traditional Ethiopian music with jazz, afro-funk, soul and latino rhythms. His music can be heard on the soundtrack to many films, and most have probably heard the classic ‘Yèkèrmo Sèw’ many times.

This will be their first concert in Porsgrunn, and they will play selected songs by Mulatu Astatke and other bands that have followed in his musical footsteps.

This is incredibly rhythmic, catchy and – not least – danceable music that is guaranteed to create a good atmosphere!

Note! Watch out for spontaneous dancing !