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Cirka Teater : The classroom

“We were 24 in the class. We had the same teacher in all subjects. The “miss” was around 60 years old, mature, authoritarian. She demanded discipline, and used her rage as a weapon against unwanted behavior. We spent our school days in a classroom where fear and shame were allowed to grow”.


  • Thursday 8. June 2023
    19:30 / Ælvespeilet,Sold out
  • Friday 9. June 2023
    19:30 / Ælvespeilet,Buy

By and with

Manus: Anne Marit Sæther
Manuskonsulent: Kjersti Haugen
Skuespiller: Anne Marit Sæther
Regi: Kjersti Haugen
Musikere: Erlend Smalås og Martin Smidt
Scenografi: Gilles Berger
Kostyme: Berit With
Lysdesigner: Eirik Torsethaugen
Produsent: Ingrid Bjørsnøs Kvam

Om forestillingen


THE CLASSROOM by Cirka Teater with actor Anne Marit Sæther and musicians Erlend Smalås and Martin Smidt. A musical and partly documentary story from the rebellious 60s, where we enter the threatening dynamics of the closed classroom and experience that there are many and different versions of the truth about that time.

IN THE CLASSROOM, memories and broken pieces of stories are collected in a puzzle of a story. The performance is a lush, colorful and partially documentary portrait of vulnerable children and their teacher, a relationship characterized by power and abuse of power. The school yard and the classroom are the setting around everything that happens. The stories are experienced from the children’s perspective, and from the adult’s reflective hindsight. But the “Miss’s” voice is also allowed to be heard: in the 60s, strong values are on a collision course, and the authoritarian teacher’s values meet great resistance. “The missus” experiences a complete upheaval in her professional life. On the other side of the 60s, children and young people have a completely new place in society, and the role of teacher is redefined. “Miss’s” foundation is crumbling.

With live music on stage, clever storytelling techniques and visual play with objects and spaces, actress Anne Marit Sæther shows us how the power of art can change our relationship with history.

Performed in Norwegian.