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The children’s bonfire

Music dramatic work about the greatest challenge of our time.


  • Saturday 19. June 2021
    18:00 / ,Østre Porsgrunn KirkeBuy

By and with

Nicolay Lange-NielsenActor and playwright
Juliana VenterSinger and composer
Marius KolbenstvedtDouble bass and dramaturgy

Om forestillingen

290,-,-U25: 218,-

When she rediscovers her connection with nature and realizes that a whole generation is on the edge of the abyss, she breaks down. The world is on fire. No one can stop. She sees no way out, no openings, only darkness.

Darkness gives birth to a scream. But out of the scream a flame is lit.

The road to hope and action lies in the encounter with another human being of her generation who has experienced a transformation she recognizes. One who makes the way further, possible.

On stage we meet Nicolay Lange-Nielsen; actor and playwright, Juliana Venter; Singer and composer, Marius Kolbenstvedt; Bassist and playwright

“Simple, beautiful and superbly executed.” – Liv Riser, Hedda Award Jury

“Magical atmosphere, powerful, challenging and powerful.” – Emi Kjeldsberg, Nordlys

Video from the performance