Scene:Bluss – The Hellmouth Edition Preparation Edition

The prophecy says that in 2018 the Hellmouth will open in Porsgrunn. We need to gather forces and prepare! Scene:Bluss – The Hellmouth edition (2018) will be a week long immersive theatre happening developed in the form of episodes. We take inspiration from the cult series Buffy the Vampire slayer. As a preparation we invite you to the workshop “I might be dead, but I’m still pretty” lead by Jassem Hindi. For more info about Scene:Bluss and how to join, check our FB page or send an mail to

«I may be dead, but I’m still pretty»
June 14th – 17th

This workshop is a preparation for the end of the world. We’re talking Ul’thar vampires, grocery shopping, telepath demons, Sunnydale swimming team, first day at school type of apocalypse. But if we stick it together, we can face all dangers. We will learn how to build weapons, throw curses, incarnate demons, make a musical, not fall in love with Spike and die repeatedly. Bring your stakes, pyjamas and fav’ music posters.

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